What's beauty of YUIMgr

Simple Initialize, Suport several resolution with virtual resolution.

Initialization is completed in a few lines.
First, you have to determine the virtual resolution.
You can put UI Ignoring device resolution.

YUIMgr Tutorial No.1

You can put each GUI with few lines.

You have to write only few script for creating widget.
If you prepare inhelit class, you can put more small number of lines.

You can use common script for several widget.

You can use one script for several widget.
Of course, you can change internal dynamicaly with parameter.
This mechanism will be reduced workload of the project

YUIMgr Tutorial No.2

YUIMgr includes general widget.

For example, Yes/No window is necessity well.
You can custmize the general widget suitable for your application.

Suport normal, front, backend and 3D layer.

YUIMgr suport normal layer and ...

  • Front layer
  • Backend Layer(behind 3D object)
  • 3DUI layer

You can use single or mix layers.

All GUI resources is loaded as async

YUIMgr use YUIAsync and YUIMgrAsync for loading resources.

YUIAsync suport

  • Local Resources
  • Asset Bundle
  • Jpeg or png texture with httpRequest

These are non-blocking load.
And more, you can use YUIAsync for any type at resources or assetbundle.
In this case, please check IsAsync function of YUIAsync.

Of course, you can use sprite or texture loaded by yourself.

Suport tween ( includes color and alpha )

YUIMgr includes much tween function.
You can use tween function for all widget.

YUIMgr written by standard c# scripts.

YUIMgr dosen't use plugin.
All code is c#. So, you can fix or change suitable for project.

What's problem of YUIMgr

You can't use YUIMgr in java script

YUIMgr written by standard c#.
So you can't call from java script and other.

※If you copy YUIMgr directory to StandatAssets directory, You can use maybe.
Sorry, I never tried.

More workload at very simple application.

In case that you need one label and one button.
YUIMgr provide more workload.