Problem at uGUI developement.

Have to use UnityEditor for each UI widget.

Do not you feel troublesome using Editor every time ?

Complexity of the UI

Do not you feel troublesome required Complex UI ?

Conflict of Developers.

Do not you feel troublesome in comflict.

Solution provieded by YUIMgr.

UI deployment and management of only in the script.

There is no round-trip of the Editor.

You can do everything with script.

The timing and behavior can be freely realized.

The intersection is a common script.

For example, In the project, there is a 100 screen of the UI,
Sometimes you want turn use the two screens are slightly similar.

Script conflict is easily resolved.

Conflict occurs only script

About YUIMgr

YUIMgr is a Unity package that gives you scripts for UGUI Management.
You can create a GUI entirely by script and manage it.

YUIMgr reduce workload of your project.
If you take an interest in YUIMgr, please check What's beauty of YUIMgr

Main features:

  • Support creation and management of standard GUI widgets.
  • Support GUI tween.
  • Support async load for local resouces.
  • Support async load for asset bundles.
  • Support Front,Backend,and 3D Canvas.
  • Supporting capturing GUI widgets.


For Unity 5.0.2f1 later.


1 License / 1 seat.。

Demo sample


(sorry,Chrome and Firefox only)


40$ at Unity asset store