Design background

At first, I try to create YUIMgr as a static library.
The people following the case is true, we especially recommend YUIMgr!

UI widget is a lot in one app

In this case , I wanted to avoid that you make the layout of the UI on the Editor.
If you use the Editor, Unity license will be required number of workers .
If there is a UI fixes, it's hard to fix all.
I thought that it should be managed the UI in the script.

I don't want to work at each project.

We thought that UI management should provide a custom package.
And custom packages should be available from all of the project.

When I'm making this, I think I can sell this package at the asset store.

Design policies

This is YUIMgr's design policies.

No Plugin

Plugin is opaque and processing of low level there is OS -dependent problems.
So, Only a simple process I use.

Inheritance is possible

I defined all class function and member.
And I set virtual to important function.
You can custmize every classes using inheritance.

includes related functions

I include 'async load' 'fading' 'tween' and etc...

No dependence

I wrote standard C# scripts only.
So, there is no dependence on the platform.

For Release

I try to build packages that can be released.